Freight forwarding within the Film Industry

From time to time the company is asked to ship film props from one location to another either by another larger forwarder or a propmaster. Sometimes this will include  what is known in the trade as hanging garments, that is, costumes for the actors. For the 47 Ronin it was from Shepperton Studios, west London to Raleigh Studios Budapest, around thirty 120m3 roadtrain loads .Once filming was over they all had to be shipped back.

There is a major cluster of prophouses in Acton, London the most famous being Angel’s Costumiers and on occasion, we would load directly from them, then again once filming was over, return the props. When you deal with a propmaster working on a new film you have to do the transport on trust because their company will only exist for the duration of production however they are usually backed by Universal Studios which makes all the difference.

John Shirley Ltd arranged prop transport for The Raven starring John Cusack shot in Budapest, Hungary and Novi Sad, Serbia as well as shipping props for three seasons of The Game of Thrones mainly between Croatia and Spain but also a few trucks from Northern Ireland.

At Shepperton Studios, west London John Shirley asked someone working in one of the prop sheds where the old Japanese items had come from and was told from an auction house in Japan where auctions are silent and instead they use pieces of paper. He was privileged to be taken in a golfcart around the outdoor set of 47 Ronin where Neil Fingleton 7’7” tall, was rehearsing in front of some 3D cameras and there were a number of actors wandering about in old Japanese armour.

Shot mainly in Greenwich, London Sherlock Holmes  did not need any international transport nevertheless John Shirley was invited to tour the sets in the old Naval College and Queen’s House with which he was familiar from the days his mother worked in the National Maritime Museum. It was lunchtime and director Guy Ritchie was wolfing down a burger. It seemed that Robert Downey had retired to his airstream trailer parked on site outside, likewise there was no sign of Jude Law.