Brexit and the impacts on John Shirley LTD

It has been more than 3 years that the UK officially withdrew from the EU, and we thought we would give a little summary of our experience during that time. Ultimately, the experience has been a varied one, with the initial sudden surge in customs documents requirements, which was a  serious learning curve, to the partial or total refusal of longtime trusted hauliers to enter the UK, we dealt with a lot.

In terms of the paperwork side of things, if we had not had an excellent relationship with our non-EU customs paperwork supplier, John shirley LTD would have likely gone bust. They provided us, at a cost naturally, with all the information and software to essentially help us navigate the fast changing seas of the EADS, T1s, commodity codes and NCTS codes. Things once taken for granted with free movement of goods became imperative cogs to the efficient movement of said goods. Since that first spring, which was totally manic, things have slowed down and as the systems put in place were learned, a naturaly rythm was achieved, which for us as a freight forwarder offering efficient logisitics, is a blessing.

The other issue we faced, that of hauliers refusing to even enter Britain for fear of delays and fines, well slowly, our regulars returned to normal business, although there are still some who refuse to offer groupage or part loads due to the complexity.

Of course the speculated impacts on our GDP and the loss of long sought trade deals has impacted our business in an inestimable way, but we hope we can continue to provide the same services despite this, as we have done for more than 27 years.